Archway Fund is a Los Angeles-based, privately capitalized, direct lender specializing in financing short-term bridge loans secured by commercial real estate nationwide.

Quick, reliable and flexible lending solutions

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Execution is everything

Archway offers quick, reliable and flexible lending solutions to help real estate sponsors meet their investment objectives. As a boutique investment platform, our lending committee is made up of senior management, which reviews each loan request prior to issuing a term sheet. Once a loan is approved, our borrowers receive accessible, personalized service throughout the loan period, from the day a term sheet is issued to payoff demand.


A Non-conventional Loan Specialist

Archway Fund provides reliable capital on difficult to finance real estate transactions that include:

  • A fast closing requirement that does not allow sufficient time to conduct a full appraisal;
  • Lack of creditworthy sponsors;
  • Property issues, such as high vacancy or near-term vacancy;
  • Short term acquisition financing required for closing part of a property assemblage involving multiple sellers;
  • Loan collaterallized by multiple and unusual assets, including second lien positions;
  • Rescue financing for properties in bankruptcy; and
  • Value-add properties that require capital to fund improvements.

Archway provides up to a two-year term giving borrowers time to execute a business plan, secure conventional financing or sell the property to repay the loan.


Archway’s Value Proposition

Our loan committee is composed of creative, flexible commercial real estate veterans, with a realistic view of the competitive lending environment. We work with our borrowers to solve any unforeseen challenges that arise during due diligence.

We provide loans secured by most asset classes in all major markets.

Archway’s basic and flexible report requirements and standardized loan documents result in minimal expense deposits and low closing costs.

Our preflight transaction process involves preliminary sign-off by the loan committee on recommended loan terms, which are based on originator’s preliminary market research and property analysis to provide a higher level of surety that the term sheet will match the loan agreement.

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We work hard to grow, maintain and strengthen our relationships with commercial real estate professionals throughout the Western States. We believe profitability follows, hard work, dedication and innovation.

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