We are pleased to announce that Archway Fund has financed a $4,850,000 acquisition loan for the purchase of a 64,000 SF, 6-story, Office building located in Denver, CO. Archway Fund structured the deal with a quick closing to execute on the Purchase Agreement that included a $2M Seller-Carry Back and to bridge the gap to permanent financing. The property is located about 6 miles out from Downtown Denver and only 18 miles to Downtown Boulder.

Why Archway Fund? The borrower and its broker chose Archway Fund due to their requirement for a lender with a non-bureaucratic approval process, quick close and minimal 3rd party reporting requirements.

Loan Details: $4.85M loan, 7.95% fixed interest, 24-month term

Archway Fund is a Los Angeles-based, privately capitalized, direct lender specializing in financing short-term bridge loans secured by commercial real estate. Archway Fund offers quick, reliable and flexible lending solutions to help real estate sponsors meet their investment objectives.

Please contact Marissa Wilbur for all new loan submittals. Marissa can be reached at 424.270.0168 or marissa@archwayfund.com